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the guy I’m waiting for

Your life is centred around Christ instead of just fitting Christ around your life.

You love what He loves and hate what He hates.

You are more wrapped up with selfless activities than in self-indulgent ones.

You don’t live by your feelings but by what you know is true and right.

When I spend time with you, I will leave wanting more time with God.

You will protect and value my purity over satisfying your own desires.

You are patiently waiting for me too :).


Darling boy,

I know that if marriage will bring me closer to God and know Him more, then you are alive right now (unless you will be 22 years younger than me which is highly unlikely haha)!  Know that I’m praying for you and keeping myself set apart for you.  I pray you are living well and spreading God’s love with all you meet.

Love, your girl.

♥ Ames


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