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entry 1

Eyes burning.  Voice hoarse (note to self: level 2 union house lunchtime noise levels are not helpful when trying to have meaningful conversations).  Neck cramping.  But article edited.

Sort of :P.

Still have to chase down a few items but I’ve done all I can for this week.  Passed it on to my co-student editor so she can start working on her part.  It was a good experience as always, finding out where certain reports and documents are kept in the library or online.

Life is chugging along, I’m keeping up to date with everything so far whilst balancing some new commitments with Universe.  I love those guys so much.  These are the like-minded individuals I’ve been searching for and I’m so glad to have found them (or for them to have found me OR for God to have brought us together hehe)!  I’m still astounded at how quickly things have fallen into place in the way that they have.  I’ll potentially have the privilege of leading some worship songs (for the first time in what feels like a long while) at our next main meeting.  It has only been 3 weeks since the start of semester but we’ve already seen so much fruit and God’s blessings have poured out to overflow.  Prayer has been the key to everything that has taken place and it has all gone way beyond our expectations.  God is faithful and good.

OK, I’m starting to see moving spots so I think that’s a sign for slumber lol.

Good night/morning!

♥ Ames


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