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pointless train of thought

I feel like a bundle of nerves… whoever heard about being nervous about running!  *sigh* This type of energy has meant that today hasn’t been very productive at all :S.  So many cover letters to write and I’m not even sure if I want to end up working at these places… I know what sparks my interest, but ‘everyone’ says to just apply everywhere…. but, then I don’t want to end up working in an area that brings no joy to me.  God, please lead me and guide me.  On my own, I have no clear direction.  The future looks a bit cloudy but I guess, all I need to remember is that you know which path I’m to go and all I have to do is trust you with each step that I take.  *sigh*  Have to wake up at 6am… probably should just go to sleep.

Night, Ames


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