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Look out, world!

The house is quiet.  There is not a sound except for the occasional car that whooshes past our street.

Much is the same and yet so much has changed on the inside.  We were so spoilt… each day was just filled to the brim with phenomenal teaching from the Word of God and we were challenged to get back to what it really boils down to: sharing the love of Christ with those who are lost/ignorant/hardened by the world.

I know I can never settle for average, comfortable, complacent, mediocre Christian living again.  The past four days has (in the words of Priscilla Shirer) ‘ruined’ me for life.

However, because I am so full of amazing revelations right now, I think I’m just going to have to take some time to digest it all before I can share it coherently in written form.

But look out, world!  I’m coming for you, whether you like it or not…for the love of God and of the people He loves!

♥ Ames

P.S. On coming back from Sydney, I’ve decided no matter what it might cost me, I will be linking this blog with the current main one (which will still remain the primary blog) as the current arrangement feels like I’m purposely keep my convictions or faith hidden…


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