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flying with eagles

“Be faithful in small things, then you will be entrusted with more.”

The parable of the three servants entrusted with varying amounts of talents (money) was the key passage in today’s devo (Matt 25:14-30).  Then I heard it referred to in a CD message that my dad had popped into our car.  I heard it again when I switched on ACC just before… three times, in one day?  He must be trying to tell me something :P.

There have been so many changes… leaving my home church being the biggest spanner in the works.  Looking back, it really was time to move on – such a God-Thing.  There’s a saying that, “If you are the biggest fish in the pond, then it’s time to find new waters to swim in.”  It’s not a reflection on the group of people we left behind but on the season that we are all in… we had to leave to do what we were called to do and in doing that, we gave room for others to step up and grow.  I rejoice now when I see the status updates and photos of activities that have been happening over at the place I had once called home… they are flourishing beautifully and I’ve been released to grow in other areas of ministry.  Our temporary home church is pretty much half the size (if not smaller) and there’s no one my age BUT, I get the opportunity to mentor and minister to teens every week in a way I never would have been able to if I had continued where I had been.  Instead of being exhausted after every Sunday, I feel so invigorated and encouraged by their response and the privilege I get to speak life and truth into young lives who will in turn, be the future of The Church.

I’ve also just come back from a Semester 2 planning meeting with a Christian campus group that I’ve been affiliated with on and off for the last 5 years.  I finally have the time to get actively involved in ministry that can directly impact my uni friends and being amongst like-minded individuals was just so refreshing… there’s something really different when you are flying with eagles ;).

“Sometimes we must cut off some things to focus on the main thing.”

♥ Ames


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