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How could it be

What an awesome thing it is to come home from church completely refreshed and full of joy!  We sang a new song today (well, it was new for me) and though it was in Chinese, I belted out the translated version displayed underneath the lyrics…

With a truthful heart,

Lord, I come before Thee

Open my eyes, so I can see.

With a grateful heart,

Lord I come to receive Your spirit of humbleness and grace.


How could it be, that You would care for me?

How could it be, Your blood was shed for me?

How could it be, You’ve crowned me with Your grace and glory?

O my soul, sing praises to the King.


You have removed my bondage, my chains.

You have removed, my burdens and shame.

You have removed, my sorrows and pain.

O my soul, sing praises to His name.

– How Could It Be, Eric Hsieh/Sandy Yu (Streams Of Praise)

Last night I found my freedom.  Secrets that I’d been holding onto for nearly two years were finally disclosed and the incredible burden was finally lifted.  Never will I forget that moment and never will I cease to be grateful for the strength and courage He gave me to really let it all go.  I taunted the S dude back, ‘Ah ha! That’s it, you got nothing left on me now.  I’ve won, I’ve won, I’ve won!’

Lord, let me never be so proud that I can’t see the errors of my ways,

Let me never be so self-righteous that I forget to sing your praise. 

Lord, please keep me humble for the rest of my days, 

Please let my light shine for You tonight, tomorrow and always.


♥ Ames


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