no more words

Be wary my dear, of the ones who will try to steal your heart.

I hope you will hear, what is now almost a lost art,

Keep your eyes firmly on, the one whom you will marry one day,

For soon distance will be gone, and there’ll be no more words to say…

But, ‘I do’.

– Ames, 02.06.2011

Ah, the beauty of having more than one blog, is that you can post more than once in a day and it won’t look overly excessive :P.  There is a reason behind all this incessant blogging and as much as it is because of exam procrastinating, it has a lot to do with this as well…

♥ Ames


the acoustic version

And so our paths collided, but now they diverge.

What had pained me so much, no longer hurts.

For the sake of four, here is where it must end.

So fare thee well, my once good friend.

– Ames, 01.06.2011

You’re like, What? I thought you moved already! Haha, I have and I hope you’ve poked around the new home a bit… As one friend commented, it feels ‘breezy’ :D.  Lovin’ it over there- all new and shiny :).  But (as the welcome message alludes to) this blog will continue… it’ll be reserved for the more personal, hopeless romantic, Jesus lovin’ and other miscellaneous do-dads side of Ames that not everyone needs to see right off the bat.  If this blog were music, it would be the acoustic version of my life :P.  It’ll be more intimate, ‘the sort of stuff you’d share with only people who knew you best because you know they won’t judge you but just accept you the way you are’ kinda music… no new readers will be directed here, but I won’t turn the private function on because at the end of the day, blogs are to be shared and hand-written journal entries are not ;).

♥ Ames