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Oh stuff it.  The launch happens now.

And yes.  To those very observant people, I did forget how to ‘print-screen’ on my Mac haha

It is looking a bit bare at the moment… will slowly add to it and put up a customised header in time.  I imported the latest post over so it’s not too lonely over there haha. But yay to SWOTVAC productivity!

♥ Ames


2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS

  1. Haha I forget all the time how to do print screen ! I have googled that at least three times -.-” Why can’t MAC keyboards be user-friendly ?! Excellent that you should be starting afresh and I will definitely like to help you out on the header ! I don’t have adobe photoshop anymore though :-/ So sad but I can use it on my old laptop :-P

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