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And so we’re one down, two more to go. *breathe*

I wish…I’m only 1/3 of the way through this essay >.<. Have to keep your eyes on the prize though, right?


I actually (confession time) have spent a fair bit of my ‘exam time’ revisiting posts that I’ve written in the last (nearly) 6 months and perhaps it is (just a tad) egotistical but I kinda like what I’ve written :P (and I’m really enjoying the use of brackets to have an additional commentary along side the actual body of this post!).  However, as much as I’d like to share everything I’ve written with the world and be as transparent as possible, I guess there’s a part of me that would still like to keep things a bit more private around these parts… perhaps it has to do with some of the outbursts I’ve published here already or the delves into the past that I don’t mind sharing, but perhaps not straight away to the new acquaintance that I may have just added on Facebook (when I un-ban myself) or to those who have yet to hear actual events from my own lips.  I’d rather introduce people first to the other, perhaps brighter and lighter side of Ames, instead of giving them the task of navigating through some of the deeper, more serious (and at times emotional) musings to find her.

And as always, I’m taking way too long to get to the point which is basically the decision: I’m starting a new blog.

There, I said it.  Essentially, it’ll be a reserved for posts that wouldn’t produce a cause for concern should a future employer come across it or if my parents read it haha.  Yes, I have been a closet blogger for the last 2-3 years :P.  There have been a few posts here that I have wanted to share with the wider community but I’ve been nervous about what else they would find should they click the initial link that I give them… again, I digress.  FUNDAMENTALLY, content on the new blog will be focused mainly on photography, foodie reviews, adventures around my beloved Melbourne, happy stuff and whatever doesn’t make the cut, will end up here in this beautiful mess I’ve created.

THEREFORE (such a law word to use), faithful readers, subscribers, friends who’ve been following here and from the old blog home… thank you and I’m really hoping the third one will be the charm ;).  I’ve been browsing around for a new blog theme too which makes the whole prospect of starting anew very exciting but I’ll let you know when it’s up and running and when this blog can be taken off your blog roll :).  I’ll probably still post here on and off but Mixed Bag of Musings won’t be opened up to new readers so I guess you can feel (the faux) privilege that you will be able to continue observing whatever is not filtered through lols.

Now, to make that first statement come true…

♥ Ames


2 thoughts on “intermission

    • THANK YOU! I literately just submitted it :D. Now off to bed for a few hours before I wake up and do final spell check before the deadline and my lil 5yo student comes for a make up lesson ^^

      And yes, will definitely let you know :).


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