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night owl tendencies

“Desperate times call for desperate measures…” I’ve never really liked the word ‘desperate’ because it implies a sense of helplessness and who likes to be helpless, right?  But that colloquial phrase was what came through my mind this morning when I made the OMGosh big decision (not really, I just like to make it seem dramatic…) of deactivating my Facebook account!!!!! lols.

Let’s call it a form of ‘self-discipline’ instead ha.  Not only is the social networking website a major procrastination station, the amount of negativity that can flow via status updates during exam season can be quite depressing… time to take positive action!

I can feel the adrenaline kicking in though… I’ve been experiencing a bit of insomnia over the last two nights (lying wide awake, mentally willing your mind to shut down is no fun) so I’ve decided to use whatever nervous energy I have acquired to my advantage tonight and ‘night owl’ it out.

Experiment: how long I can go until I literally zonk out.

Results: next time ;).

♥ Ames

P.S. Notice, I finally found a picture that matched the title? lols *sigh*


2 thoughts on “night owl tendencies

  1. All nighter ? :-P With exams in two weeks I think I might be pulling some of them too ! All the best with you. And congrats on deactivating FB haha ! I notice you always do status updates :-P

    • The experiment failed somewhat because the reality of a 9am class was on the other side of the night so… *shrugs* but I do foresee a few late nights ahead… all the best for your exams too! Hopefully see you on the other side of them :D

      And yes, I have been told I update my status a bit too often – I was called a facebook junkie :-O but I do try to keep them on the lighter side of things when I do :P.


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