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not worth it.

Yep.  It’s settled.  I really can’t do that again.  It’s just not worth it.  It’s just not worth going around the same mountain again and again.  I made my peace but then kinda went too far in one direction, only to get slapped with the harsh reality that some things will never be as they once were… and it was no fun.  Two days after that smack over the head, life is grand again so there really is no other choice but to leave things where they lie.  It’s like playing with fire… it’s fun at first… but eventually you’ll get burnt = not worth it.  Lesson re-learnt.


He really surprised me today.  The lack of sleep last night was so uncalled for.  I thought I would end up on the defensive again but turns out, He had already been preparing the soil in advance (why did I ever doubt it?)… *happy sigh* Thank you for the opportunity to be a witness of the Truth.  And thank you to all those who were praying for me :).

I also had a similar experience to this today on the way home…. hehehe.  I thought about importing the whole thing over here but it makes for more of good read over there I reckon ;).  The poor boy/man… I think I was having a bit too much fun given that I wasn’t actually attracted to him (but he did remind me of a guy I liked once)… it was more amusing because I caught him staring first and then I just kinda played along :P.  He was not bad on the eyes either ;).

Final thought: Why doesn’t Blogger have the same unlimited time frame as WordPress, to allow the author of comments to delete what they have previously written?  This annoys me.  The End.

♥ Ames

P.S. Apologies for the lack of continuity in these last few posts (also have been too lazy to find ‘feature images’)… it’s just that time of the year again… but it’ll be over soon! Can’t wait :). xo


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