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a knock on the head

“You’re too cheery and happy.  Go away.”

Hehe.  I knew it was said in jest but I’m glad to see that the joy of the Lord was uncontainable :).  I wasn’t quite confident yet to tell them that part of the reason for the bounce in my step and the grin on my face, but I told them the other part which I believe was instigated by God anyway :).

It’s funny how easy old habits can creep up on you without your full awareness until finally, BOOM, it’s like a knock on the head, and you’re left wonder, ‘HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET HERE AGAIN????!’

I’m so silly.

Yesterday, was Hillsong’s ONEDay in Melbourne and though I didn’t get the chance to go, He gave me my own ‘Hillsong’ moment (in a sense) and I feel so much more refreshed, renewed and refocused on where I’m supposed to be and how this whole thing is meant to play out. I also had a fresh realisation of the value of fellowship- how much we all need it and how much I had taken it for granted all these years.

I’m meeting my FFL for coffee later… was so tempted to pull a rain-check on him but it’s just one of those things I couldn’t have cancelled on no matter how much learning studying needs to happen in the next few weeks.

Now since I’ve wasted about 30 mins trying to work out (unsuccessfully) how to put the PayPal donate button over here (darn you WordPress Widgets!!), I better get to it!

♥ Ames


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