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nice smells, smell nice.

It. Is. So. Cold.

But for once my toes aren’t frozen….

Hehe.  My Mummy bought them for me… $4 at BigW! :D And I do admit that watermarking this was a bit redundant (who would want a copy of this photo!?) but it means that I finally have bought (and started using) LIGHTROOM3!!! So happy… would dance but I don’t want to waste energy that could be used for heating purposes :P.

The last couple of posts have been a bit moody so I thought I’d switch gears and share some ‘nice smells’ with you ;).

For those who’ve been around me enough (and have a good nose on you), you’d know that I’ve been using this (below) for the last few years (lols to my hands in the picture!):

Loved it for years before I ever got the courage to purchase it… was never much of a fan of perfume until my aunty bought one back from France and gave it to me as a Christmas present… it was more out of obligation than like at first but the scent grew on me and when I caught a whiff of DKNY’s Be Delicious, I would always squirt a bit on my wrist when I passed by the department stores…until it was MINE!! Mwahaha!! lols

ANYWAY, a few weeks back I got an email promotion about a new fragrant that had just been released… I’d been interested in its predecessor but because I’d always had Be Delicious, it never occurred to me that I should have two to choose from… but they were giving out free samples so how could I resist! :P

Went searching at my local Myers store- all gone.  Went to the city David Jones- all gone.  Went to the city Myers store- third one’s the charm ;).  Apparently it was the last one in store too so I felt very special ^^

It was only 1.2 ml but I was over the moon! Yes, I can be very simple-minded at times but that’s not necessarily a bad thing ;).  The description in the card is pretty accurate… it’s not too sweet or overpowering, just nice and bubbly ^^.

Now that could have been the end of the story (and I bet you are wishing it was… because, if I wasn’t the author of this post and enjoyed writing, I would be quite bored by now) BUT seeing my excitement and the dedication I had to trek all over Melbourne (so not) to get this 1 ml of perfume, long-story-short, my generous Dad bought SEVENTY-FIVE mls of it for me :D.

The lid of the perfume was so cute and made out of thick rubber/plastic (like a few of the other Marc Jacobs fragrance bottles- the first was LOLA which I was also tempted to buy!) and this bottle has found it’s home on my desk now :).  And it gave me a chance to mess around with Lightroom’s Print setting which I LOVE SO MUCH!!

OK, this fan girl will go to sleep now… definitely have a sniff of this if you walk by the perfume section of Myers/David Jones… or you could just come and give me a hug hehe.

Happy times!


♥ Ames


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