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chasing butterflies and bees

Self explanatory, no?  I took these photos on a sunny Sunday arvo in Canterbury Gardens (most definitely my new favourite park!) whilst waiting on friends who had completed the 15 km RunForTheKids marathon :).  I got to capture photos of a Monarch butterfly as well ^^.

Today allowed for a dip into the past… I love Disney films with a passion and could feel a constant grin on my face as I wandered through ACMI’s ‘Dreams Come True’ exhibition on its final day… bonus was having an equally (if not more) passionate Disney lover as company ;).

♥ Ames


2 thoughts on “chasing butterflies and bees

  1. Hello! I am starting my own blog and simply typed in the title I was thinking of using and your blog came up. I think we are very like minded…and these photos remind me of me. lol Good to see someone out there with a love for Jesus and life.
    I am a wife/mother of 2 boys and in my 40’s and soon you will find my blog with the title, Declarations of Faith. I make wooden signs with declarations of faith on them. (one of a kind creations) I also LOVE photography. :)

    • That’s fantastic! Glad you found me and let me know when you’ve started your blog… I think you have your first follower ;). All the best and God bless!

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