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word quota

I’ve realised that my blogging habits are definitely quite sporadic-I really like the look and sound of that word (‘sp -r d k’)- and most likely emotion driven… there are days when I feel I should blog (Why? For what reasons? I don’t know…) but when I open a new post, no words come out… and then there are days when I really shouldn’t blog (especially on days like today where I’ve already blogged once already) but there’s almost an urgency that if I don’t write it down somewhere the thoughts will just evaporate and I won’t remember them…

Actually I think I remember hearing somewhere that, in general, women have a quota of 50,000 words to use up per day (whereas men only have about 25,000 words) so maybe it is only on those days that I haven’t quite used up my full quota that I blog and when I have spoken my fill, that’s when I’m left wordless, poised in front of the laptop screen.  I think I have a few thousand words left in me but I’m likely to use them in a few moments when we go and wander over to a Careers Fair so I’ll leave it for now lols.

Thank you for indirectly participating in this bit of self-analysis.

♥ Ames


2 thoughts on “word quota

  1. I feel the same way about blogging! I can’t explain either why on some days I feel more of an obligation to blog. Granted, my main blog is almost about a character and my life fictionalized, and I think about my readers, but it’s still like, “why do I have to blog exactly??” :)

    There are some days where I blog on all of my blogs, I tumble, I update statuses and I just feel that need to talk and talk and talk.

    You aren’t alone!

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