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the day of birth

“My buttons must be huge… they get pushed so often!” Classic quote of the day of birth :).  If birthdays were keys on the piano, this has probably got to be the ‘lowest-key’ birthday in a long time… and yet, it had its own unique beauty all the same :).  As mentioned previously, celebrations are stretching over a week but nothing is likely to top meeting up with one of my besties (it’s odd because we’ve never called each other this, but if you were to ask me what our relation was, that’s the adjective/noun I would use).  I hadn’t seen her for over 2 months and honestly when I first saw her, I felt kinda giddy :D.  We bumped into each other earlier than our meeting time but were disciplined enough to get some solid individual study done before enjoying each other’s company at Giraffe Cafe (which is the cutest place ever- want to do a proper review of this HOPEFULLY so will save pictures til then).

Something I noticed in our interactions is that we kinda skip over the small talk about uni and work and go straight to the things that have been on our minds and heart… it was like an endless flow of conversation and if there was ever a lull, it didn’t take much to get back into rhythm again… no matter how much time has passed, there’s no awkwardness or distance… again, this is just pure, distilled sisterhood that no money could ever buy… it’s a gift from above that I treasure so much.  Without a doubt she’s already got a spot in my bridal party whenever that day shall be :P.

The day of birth led me to another realisation… I guess I never wanted to admit it but there’s a fondness that will unlikely fade, even with time… but it is because of that fondness, that I’ll have to keep my distance… it’s like the recovering alcoholic… he’ll always have the fondness for the drink but he knows that if he gives in only a little bit, he’ll take more steps back than forward…and that’s all I have to vaguely say on that subject :P.

On the day I turned another year older, I also announced a decision I didn’t think I would be making… at least not anytime soon and definitely not on my birthday.  But in a way, I felt it was kind of symbolic… I guess as one chapter ends, another begins… as one door closes, another opens… and sometimes you have to let go of one thing, in order to grab onto something new.  I’ve learnt that when God asks you lay something down at His feet, it’s because He has something better in mind for you… not necessarily because it was ‘better’ than what you had before, but because it’s time to move on and He’s taking you in a different direction.  Sometime the right decision is the hardest decision, but in all of it, God is sovereign and in control and He will not let the feet of those who love him slip.

‘Twas then a quiet night in with the ‘rents eating, ‘Bor Bee’ (Hokkein traditional dish- should post photos… later)… hadn’t had it for ages and it definitely felt like comfort food for the heart, soul, mind and body :).

Still much celebrating ahead but this 22 years and 1 day old girl must get some shut-eye…



♥ Ames

P.S. I thought I should just add that the feature picture with this post was not my birthday cake… just something random from Google Images because I was too lazy to upload my mini cake at the time :).


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