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an early start to birthday week…

The spoils from the last two days…

First, we have chocolate cheesecake and then banana cake :).  Mum went into baking mood prompted by my bro who is going through a baking phase… I took photos of the process so will post up photos of the recipes….soon :P.  Every time we’ve mentioned we made banana cake the question that returns to us is, “How can you afford to make banana cake?” lols, answer? $4 a bag clearance banana sale a.k.a. God’s favour and blessing :D

And then, to hopefully help me fulfil goal number 8

And meet ‘Hottie’…

Yes, sir… birthday week has got itself to an early but lovely start ;).  Mum’s work friend’s daughter also made these for us to celebrate:

*happy sigh* Now I better get to that assignment which did not get any further than what it was last Friday hahaha


♥ Ames


3 thoughts on “an early start to birthday week…

  1. Thank you!

    It was yum, yum, yum Chess! If it would survive the flight over, I would so post it! Hope your birthday month has been going well :)

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