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MP: The Overflow

Apologies for the lack of photos in the last couple of posts… we’ve got issues with our broadband internet so I’ve been working from our 2GB USB stick and I’m trying not to use too much of it… but probably gonna call up today and get that all sorted because lots of lovely pictures to feast your eyes on very soon :P.

So first off, we’re like 5 days from me turning another year older! lols, I have planned to meet up with my girl, Vee some time on that special day and dinner with the ‘rents plus probably lunches/dinners with special people all week long (I’m taking a page out from Chess who is celebrating all MONTH long- kudos to you, girl!)… hope to power through an assignment this weekend so I’ll be free to have a bit of fun without it hanging over my head :).

But this post is really just to gush about how awesome God is (yeah, I know… I’ve had a few of those lately but I just can’t seem to stop… He has just wowed me so much recently!)… this past week has been quite emotional in many respects so I wasn’t feeling quite together yesterday morning… however, I still sat down to feed my soul with the Good Stuff (a.k.a. God’s Word) and was given so much encouragement and there was something in me that dared me to pray those kind of dangerous prayers of faith (see boxed text):

I call it a ‘dangerous prayer of faith’ because you are going out on a limb, believing for something you haven’t seen yet and you don’t know in what shape or form it is gonna happen… but you run with it anyway.  What I realised is that God really is a gentleman… He won’t make you accept Him or love Him or obey Him… He’s waiting on us at the doorstep of our heart; waiting to offer Him space to move in our lives, and when we give Him the go ahead, He comes in and does amazing things that we could have never fashioned for ourselves… beyond our expectations :).

OK, the little preaching thing is over and you survived lols.  SOOOOOO… I still wasn’t feeling 100% after reading the Good Stuff but you know, you still have to go to work haha… so I kept feeding myself with P&W songs on the train and I could feel my spirits being lifted and the joy of the Lord being renewed :).  I was the first intern in my department to arrive and as I greeted the head of our department on the way to my desk, he asked me if I would like to attend a meeting with him…? “I would LOVE to attend a meeting with you!” was my response :D.  On the trek over (it was 3 blocks from our building), I got the opportunity to talk to him about the academic requirements I had for my internship subject so he is now aware of the papers that I’ll need to submit and will have me in mind if something comes up that I can help with… so, this is Blessing number 1.

Blessing number 2 came in the form of just being able to sit in on the meeting he had with other big players in the field that I’m working in (I’m a bit cautious as to give away too many details because of stories of how these kind of things get back to employers…) and I was able to absorb a little of how things work in the court systems and also how meetings run in this line of work.  It was also interesting because I realised that most meetings that I’ve attended have always started and ended with prayer and this one didn’t… I felt like it was missing something because of it lols… weird eh?

Anyhow, back to work after the meeting and I was able to complete a project that I had started 2 weeks earlier for one of the lawyers there and then my next task was to put together an article for the department’s newletter on the topic of community-based orders… very interesting and it kept me occupied for most of the remainder of the day- Blessing number 3.

Then, the MOST awesome thing ever happened over a lunch: I was able to talk so freely and openly about God, faith and church with one of the students that I work with!  We were talking about really random things at first and in my head I was wondering how I could bring God into the conversation WHEN He gave me the perfect segway… without me even touching the topic or making a move to pray for my meal, when our delicious hand-made gnocchi arrived, she jokingly mentioned how her parents had given up on getting her to say grace before her meals because she just digs in straight away now… it was like lights were going off in my head hahaha…. everything just flowed so effortlessly from there… thank you God for the awesome opportunity to minister and literally share ‘your love and truth’… – Blessing number 4.

The rest of the day was spent completing that article and then on the way home, Dad calls and asks if I’d like to go out for dinner because Mum didn’t feel like going but he didn’t feel like cooking.  I agreed and when Mum picked me up from the train station she informed me that Dad wanted to go to this buffet restaurant (that shall remain nameless until I put up photos and blog about the food!!) which was a pleasant surprise for me :).  When we got home, I discovered two packages had arrived for me.  Here is Blessing number 5:

  1. new iPhone case (mine has recently cracked and snapped) that I bought on eBay… $6, mate! AWESOME. (sif pay 20 bucks at that MC Asian stall… what a rip off!)
  2. a book I had ordered last year but they didn’t have it in stock in Australia so Koorong had it shipped over for me… it has taken months but it’s arrival was quite timely because I’d just finished that last book that I bought :)

I was so overwhelmed already but it was off to the buffet dinner… the place was packed but we were able to find parking and were also given a table without needing to wait – Blessing number 6 :).  And then for the next two hours or so I was able to recount all of the amazing blessings that I received during the day (in between mouthfuls of pretty good food!) to my Dad and he was also able to share about God’s amazing goodness over his day as well – Blessing number 7 :).

*happy sigh*

God is so good… it’s so amazing living under the overflow of his blessings… thank you seven times over!  Whether you believe in God or not, I challenge you to pray some dangerous prayers of faith and then wait expectantly to see what God will do… He may surprise you as He did me ;).

OK, I better clean up my studio so that I can fit a run in before my students arrive… have a lovely weekend people :).

♥ Ames

P.S. This was categorised as MP standing for ‘Morning Posts’ :P.

P.P.S. Apologies for any grammatical or spelling errors… I usually publish posts first and then go back and find mistakes and correct the rushed job my fingers do as I type hehe. xo


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