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NFH: Parentals

We talk about you every so often… and I can never seem to suppress the grin that plants itself on my face every time you get a mention :D.  You often get brought up in our family prayer time… how awesome it is to have parents on your team, praying alongside you for the dreams and desires of your heart… I sincerely pray that you have a healthy relationship with your parents and they have a healthy and loving relationship that you can take pointers from :).  As I get older, I seem to appreciate the ‘rents a lot more lols.  There’s a saying that goes something along the lines of, ‘when you are a kid, you think your parents know everything… when you are a teen, you think your parents know nothing… and when you are an adult, you realise they may know a thing or two afterall’ :).  I feel so privileged to have been drawn so much closer to these two people who have watched me grow… they know me inside out and back to front and yet, they love me still :D. 

To think that there was a time when I was lying behind their backs which in turn created such a terrible strain on our relationship… it just makes me value them all the more.  I know that I am so so so blessed to have such understanding, God-fearing parents who have always made the effort to keep communication lines open and available… they have always tried their best to explain themselves if our opinions clash, rather than simply pull the ‘I’m your mum/dad so what I say is final’ card which I’ve heard happens in many Asian families lols…  I think that’s why I really love being an ABC… our family has taken the good from the Western culture (freedom of speech/opinions within families!) and maintained the good side of the ‘respect/honour your elders’ that I believe has its roots from the Bible (Exodus 20:12 comes to mind). 

We’ve had time now to reflect on that period of time where trust and honesty had left the building and home was no longer the sanctuary that it once was (and is thankfully now again)… I can see clearly now how they knew things would have ended the way they did and they just wanted to protect me from the hurt and pain I went through…my dad recounted how he had felt so helpless during those days and how he realised that he just had to let me make my mistakes, trusting God to bring me out and then offer loving kindness and grace (as per our Heavenly Father) when the scales had finally been lifted from my eyes. 

Not many people can say this (or would be embarrassed to say it) but I’m proud to say that my parents are two people who I’d call my best friends… I can’t wait for you to get to know them and laugh, cry, debate and chat with them over one of our home-cooked meals… they can’t wait to meet you either ;).

♥ Ames


6 thoughts on “NFH: Parentals

    • hehe, thanks Soph… I think I’m learning to not just see my parents as ‘my parents’ but as individuals in their own right and that’s partly helped change my perspectives on things :).

  1. It really is a beautiful thing to have this sort of relationship with your parents. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t made my own mistakes, but after a long while, I’ve come to see that perhaps it worked out for the best, after all. :)

    Love you so much,

    • Thanks Lor :). Yeah I’m in the same boat, m’dear… I believe that all things work together for the good of those who love God… He’ll even use those painful moments to propel us forward and I think in both of our cases, it has also moved us closer to those who’ve been there with us through thick and thin :).

      Love you lots *hugs*

  2. I concur, your parents are pretty awesome ^^ You’re very blessed to have two parents you can call best friends :-D Haha, I reckon it’s quite true about being ABC as well as the saying. I definitely have appreciated my parents more after moving out. They still do so much for us & I think they must have really missed us when we moved here which might explain, in part, why they’re only down the road now X-D.

    • Haha, cheers dear! Your parents are pretty awesome too…actually, now that I think about them, I kinda miss them :P. I should go visit them one day at their new place :).

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