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The Wanderer

There are moments in your life that will be forever imprinted into your memory… we often don’t choose those moments, but they can sometimes spin around and define us or become crucial turning points or affirmations for the decisions we have made or will make.  I was feeling slightly dejected today for reasons yet to be divulged… I felt tears well up in my eyes as I strolled across the park towards my car… and then, I saw it.  It flitted in various circular patterns, flashing its black, white and orange wings back and forth, possibly oblivious to the eyes observing its dance with the wind.  As I drew nearer I expected it to flutter away, but it remained dangerously close to my car door that I thought it would actually land there… however, after a few extra seconds, as if it knew it had served its purpose, it was gone. 

There was a sense of peace as I got in my car… there was a reassurance that my God is sovereign and He is the God of new beginnings… it is a little known fact that our high school group of friends each had a ‘bug-related’ nickname during our secondary school education… some stuck better than others like ‘Slug’ and ‘Snail’ which still get used affectionately on occasion but there was no other significance (that I can remember) other than terms that meant we were part of the ‘group’.  There were about 10 of us and I think we were just pulling things out of the air when we came to working out what I would be called lols.  ‘Caterpillar’ was the suggestion and it was the choice that was made… I have to say that I was quietly satisfied with that nickname because it was the only bug that would make a transformation into a beautiful butterfly and when you are 12 years old, butterflies are pretty awesome :).  They still are… I don’t really know where I’m going with this trip down memory lane lols (possibly residual reminiscing from our 5 year high school reunion last night… yep, FIVE YEARS!).  I guess the Monarch butterfly I saw today (which I found out is also called the ‘Wanderer’…. interesting) was a reminder that though the journey ahead has many question marks and unknowns, He has released me to fly new heights and reach new levels for Him… I felt a still small voice whisper, ‘Just trust me.  Have faith… I’ll be with you each step of the way.’

A small smile rest on my face as I drove off.

♥ Ames


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