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Random: Option 3

It caught me by surprise again… there were so many similarities… the warmth, the friendliness, the way with words, the happy-go-lucky-attitude, the infectious smile… but this time I was more prepared.  My heart fluttered a little bit when he jokingly said we could be besties, but my head was screaming, “GUARD YOUR HEART, AMES!  GUARD YOUR HEART, AMES!”

I listened obediently.  I could feel myself holding back… still interested in getting to know a new individual, but not ready to hand over my heart that easily again.

As if it wasn’t clear enough, I found a parcel at my doorstep waiting for me the next day… I took out the book, looked at the blurb and had to laugh… He knows just when to send a reminder to keep my hope alive :).

♥ Ames


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