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the simple things

I’m sorry, Lor.  When it comes to blog posts, I’m horrible about keeping to the schedule that I put myself on… the song is coming!  It’s just a lot easier to type something up then find time to record or post up photos with new recipes >.<

(potentially you could read this as me just being a bit lazy… that’s probably true but we’re also getting up to assignment time, eekkk!)

Sometimes you just need to take a step back, and recognise the simple things that can just make you smile :).

  1. swimming solo at the near-deserted local pool on a Monday afternoon :)
  2. enjoying the (supposed) last bit of Melbourne sunshine on the lawns with fellow law buddies :)
  3. realising (after more than 1 year!) that it’s quicker to get to the law school via Elizabeth St than Swanston St- seriously big revelation!!
  4. emails that lift your spirits :)
  5. having the chance to impart what limited-knowledge you have about life as a law student to a 1st year :P
  6. going to the movies with my Sis :)
  7. exchanging life stories of God’s grace over the dinner table with parentals :)

BONUS: receiving an over-the-top-outrageously-sweet-compliment ^^

Enjoy the warmth of the sun, Melburnians…

♥ Ames


2 thoughts on “the simple things

  1. No need to apologise! I know how busy law students get ;)

    All the things on your list made me smile. Also, it’s always pretty weird how our seasons are opposite. Not that it matters too much where I am, because it’s always hot! 90 degrees today, but absolutely beautiful.

    Love you so much

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