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Short Story: ‘getting over you’

A couple that we really thought could last the distance broke up this week… there were a lot of barriers to begin with but we saw the breaking down of the walls and the building of bridges… it was beautiful thing… however, it’s not really my place to say anything further on the topic… I just wanted to base a short narrative on a status update that I saw of one of the parties… the status read: ‘getting over you’.


The boy seemed very infatuated with the girl but she was still wondering what had actually happened.  She laughed it off when he told her he liked her…she knew he was totally on the rebound (though he always denied it) and most likely just clung to her because she’d offered him help… yet somehow, her heart was interested to see what this whole love thing could look like.

She said, ‘Let’s just be friends, get to know each other better for the next year or so…. when you’ve got over her, we can have this conversation again.’

His face grew serious.  ‘I don’t think I’m meant to get over her.  I won’t ever get over her… it’s more like, I have to get on with my life…’ Then he smiled. ‘…and I’m hoping that you’ll be somewhere in the picture… in the future.’

Even though she knew it wasn’t a good idea and she didn’t even know that she’d done it, she gave him her heart that day.


A full year and a bit onwards, she’s a lot older (well, she feels it) and she’s a lot wiser (she knows it).  She has realised that the friendship she had kept hoping for just doesn’t exist anymore.  She’s not the same girl he fell for and he’s not the same boy she shared her innermost thoughts with.  Circumstances have changed.  From the moment he told her he liked her, the purely friendship aspect of their interactions was doomed to be something irretrievable…well, at least irretrievable in the form that it once was.  The relationship that deepened that day and the days afterwards was too entwined and laced with romantic love that, to find somewhere in between would be detriment to them both.  And she has accepted that as a fact.

The words he spoke ring true for her now.

‘I don’t think I’m meant to get over you, I just have to get on with my life.’

♥ Ames

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