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Dear little blog,

Sorry for neglecting you.  I’m just having a jolly good time over at Tumblr at the moment :P.  I have really found a little community over there that thinks on the same page as me and is just so very loving and supportive… now, I know the whole concept of being ‘followed’ shouldn’t make me so happy but I’m human… and humans like to be accepted and appreciated, so it did make my heart do a little leap to see 10 emails in my inbox the night after I joined up indicating who had decided to ‘follow’ (38 now and counting…but I’ve followed about 100+!) …. lols

I don’t think my love affair with Tumblr will end anytime soon but I haven’t forgotten about you and will be back, I promise… with a song too ;).

♥ Ames

P.S. Church politics (which is an oxymoron in my books) sucks.


4 thoughts on “Dear little blog,

    • Awww, thank you!! It is kinda nice to be missed hehe

      We just did another two new recipes in our home so they’ll be coming up soon :)

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