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the sisterhood

I currently feel like this.

So… what is a girl to do when she’s been sent home by her employer and she has slept a little but has to now stay awake to supervise her brother while her mum’s working and her dad’s away (and have I ever mentioned how I have lazy tendencies to use long sentences instead of breaking them up with punctuation?)?

Start a Tumblr of course :P.

I’ve been resisting for a while because I find the concept of being unable to comment on other people’s Tumblrs kind of annoying… but that’s before I finally understood the whole reblogging/following idea…

I decided to sign up after following, for the last few months or so, a number Tumblr blogs set up by  girls who were more consumed with loving Jesus and living for Him than living their own way and conforming to the things of this world… sisters I can walk beside and be inspired by :).

The sisterhood of Christ is really such a special and beautiful thing… I discovered just how amazing it was sometime last year when I met with a girl I’d never seen in person before and yet, somehow, things were effortless because we were in essences sisters because of our shared foundation and love for our Saviour.

I’m so blessed… and still in a coughing fit… but still, very blessed and very very grateful :).

Oh yeah, you can find me on Tumblr now at: whoknewlovecouldbelikethis.tumblr.com/

♥ Ames


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