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NFH: Sometimes

Sometimes I lash out when I get confused… I hope you’ll have patience with me.  Sometimes my mind thinks faster than my mouth can go and it comes out in a word jumble that is an overly long sentence of mismash which I need to slowly string together to make sense of it… please bear with me :).  Sometimes I panic when I’m not in control of my emotions… you’ll have to help me with that.  Sometimes I worry more than I should… please remind me to be thankful for just another day to be alive.  Sometimes I complain (a lot) when things don’t go the way I envisioned (especially when Melbourne weather does what it is known for)… you’ll have to pull me out of my negativity.   Sometimes I forget how blessed I am with family that I can actually talk to and get along with… please point to the obvious.  Sometimes I need to just take a breather from life… you’ll have make sure I slow down and rest.  Sometimes I get angry for things that can’t change… please remind me that everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes I think I know it all… you’ll have to keep me humble.

But at all times, I want to be growing, be better, be moving closer to God and falling more in love with Him… let’s do that together one day.

♥ Ames


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