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“Are you guys dating?” lols, that’s one I haven’t heard in a long time!  I had to quickly assure the girl that NO, I was not dating My Teddy Bear (MTB from now on- I think I’m gonna give acronyms to all people I mention here for the sake of privity a limited form of privacy).  I reassured her that we were just good friends but she didn’t seem to believe me until I told her that he was definitely dating someone else at the moment.  She asked for more details but my lips are sealed on this one… it’s not my place to divulge other people’s private lives… that much I know.  I call him MTB because I love his hugs :).  MTB is tall, solid and makes me feel safe even if it’s just for a few seconds… but I should probably hold off on the hugs if I get questions like the one above lols… *sigh* so hard to find some good guy friends!

This has been another random post from the girl-who-really-does-not feel-like-doing-readings-at-the-moment-but-will-do-so-now-that-she-has-shared-this-funny-moment.

The End.

♥ Ames


6 thoughts on “RANDOM – MTB

  1. Privity? Tee hee hee. Feels safe? Not too dangerous? I worry about your use of “at the moment”.

    Should I?

    Also- thanks for your help recently, even if our discussion left you with a reminder that you narrowly escaped a bullet when we broke up ;).

    • I probably and did mean ‘privacy’… law-speak is taking over my brain :P.

      Yep, it’s safe coz I know he could never hurt me like I once was :). And law school is awesome so no need to worry about ‘at the moment’… actually, no need for you to worry about me in any regard :).

      • Sorry- I was referring to the strange choice of words. “At the moment” you said about the girl he was dating. That kinda hints at a wish to see them broken up. And you in his arms permanently. Involved in what is scientifically referred to as “smoochy-times”.

        C’mon, lawyer brain! Read between the lines :).

        Also- a friend told me it was good to own who I am and what I’ve done. I don’t think I need to hide anything.

  2. @TSC: Ah, I thought you were referring to the second ‘at the moment’, I totally forgot I had written that first one :). And no, there was no underlying meaning to what I said… I would never want to come between any couple and take someone else’s guy… no matter how good his hugs are :).

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