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NFH: Loneliness

A new category to add to the mix… I don’t know how often these will be written but it seems in line with my hopeless romantic nature :)

I felt it today.  I’d already been experiencing it subtly in the past few months but it was only when I took the train home today, surrounding by half a dozen couples in their own little worlds, that it came in full force.  Damn you, public holiday! Lols, of course there would be heaps of people out making the most of their day off… *sigh*  I’m thankful for the warning though…perhaps without it, I might have been tempted to wallow for a bit but my mind just turned to you and soon the pangs of loneliness were replaced with thoughts of what you could be doing today, where you could be right now and how today is just another day closer to the day we’ll be revealed to each other… it is an exciting thought :).  I imagine I must have developed a glassy-far-away look on my face in that moment.

I’m going to use this season to learn to love Him in a greater way and receive His love in a greater way… and in that way, I’ll be able to love you more fully and the way He planned in the first place :).

I love you already.

♥ Ames

P.S. It was kinda nice seeing my name in print today hehehe…. FYI, it doesn’t take much to make this girl happy ;).


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