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Passing Points

Promise that this will be the last death-related post for a while…

I learnt or was reminded about these things in the last few days:

  1. The Chinese death traditions (e.g. giving funeral attendees a sweet and a gold coin to leave with)
  2. We’re all on a journey to a final destination…earth is but our temporary home
  3. There is a time and place for everything (the funeral Bible reading happened to be from my favourite passage in Ecclesiastes)
  4. There is definitely power in prayer (a few drops of rain but nothing that made proceedings difficult, praise God!)
  5. Even if we hate what they do or say, at the end of the day, family is family
  6. Being a mum is a lot harder than it looks lols (I got a taste of motherhood when looking after lil H at the post-funeral lunch)
  7. Life goes on… we can’t stay sad forever… we’ll see him again one day :)

At the funeral, it was mentioned that my grandpa was a man of few words but a phrase that he would be assured to say often during a single conversation was, ‘Praise the Lord.’  He was a person with a thankful heart who was always generous with his time and money… I hope people can say that of me in my eulogy one day.  He loved food a lot too… I guess that’s where I get it from :).  Funerals are also a good time to think about what kind of legacy we might be leaving behind each and every day of our lives… what will people remember most about us when we are gone? 


♥ Ames


2 thoughts on “Passing Points

  1. When I lost my grandmother at the start of ’09, it made me just as pensive. I had lots of these thoughts as well, about death and our time here and our legacy.

    I’m sorry for the loss that inspired the thoughts.


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