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still here.

I totally missed out on writing about the first day of my favourite season! …oh well, welcome Autumn ^^.  I think the only reason why I have always liked Autumn the best over the years is because my birthday ‘falls’ within that season (get it- falls? hehehe).  Generally Autumn means more rainfall and the first day was no exception.  I have to say (if it hasn’t been said already) that I’m definitely a lover of sunshine and sadly there hasn’t been much of it lately with a bit of a gloomy shade to the Melbourne skies to meet us on the first or second day of semester… but that hasn’t dampen my mood at all!  I’m really enjoying it so far :).  I know it has only been two days but generally you can gauge how a subject will go along with how a lecturer will teach within your first hour of class and well, I just have awesome lecturers! Praise God!  Even Admin, which seemed a bit intimidating at first glance, isn’t so bad when you have someone who is approachable and breaks things down to something comprehensible for the regular human mind :D.  I’m a bit unsure about how to go about studying for Crim Law, but we’ll see how things pan out next week I guess…

It’s also lovely starting the year actually knowing people and (kinda) knowing how to approach the study of law… I feel so far away from that hesitant, quietly excited, first year law student in more ways than one… and that’s such a good thing :).  I realised when speaking to a number of people about their holidays and other things that I wasn’t the only one who had a bit of a ‘low’ year in 2010.  It seems like we were all in transition: some leaving/living in nasty and messy relationships, some finding their feet in a new state/country, some studying full-time for the first time in years, some balancing difficult housing/working conditions along with the associated pressures of excelling in studies… we were all having it a tad tough last year, but our testimony is that ‘we’re still here, we survived’.

It’s gonna be an awesome semester :).

For those girls looking for what it means to have true beauty, I stumbled upon this page and hope it blesses your heart as it did mine :).

OK, better get ready for Day 3! :D

♥ Ames


2 thoughts on “still here.

  1. Haha, every student should be as enthusiastic as you ! Honestly, I feel so burnt out already. I think it’s mental battle though but it’s scary considering it’s my last semester (hopefully). I love the photos of the books — despite them being law books :-P

    • No one really shares my enthusiasm for study which makes it kind of an isolating thing and people gave me weird looks when I said I had made sure my laptop was fully charged the night before class started… is that really odd?

      *shrugs* oh well :).

      You can do it, Mel! Just think of all that awaits you when you have finished the study and let that be part of your motivation :).

      I like the photo too… sadly, I didn’t take it myself :P


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