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New Directions…

It’s hard to know where to begin.  There seems to be a lot of ‘forever changed’ moments happening lately which is both exciting and overwhelming…it brings me to the conclusion that He must be setting me up to do something big for Him and He has been preparing me all this time, stripping away all that was unhealthy and damaging, replacing them with fresh revelation and understanding of how awesome and real my Jesus really is.  In a way I feel like He was just waiting for me to let go of all that I’d been holding onto, releasing it all to Him so that He could fill my hands with the new assignments and tasks He has for this next chapter of my life.  I do sense that I’m on the verge of discovering new heights and He’s been testing me to see if I am actually willing to give into His plans and not go my own way.  There’s definitely been a lot more clarity and certainty of what’s ahead along with how and what must be done to get there… how awesome.

I bawled my eyes out today.  I find it amazing how even though today was a day for us to learn more about what we could do for the kids, I think we all came away impacted ourselves, more equipped to served kids as a result of our own personal encounters with the living God.  The words that came to mind were ‘refreshed’ and ‘renewed’, ready to go out and change the world for Jesus :).

Something that has also been coming up again and again this week was my desire to start writing songs for Him again.  I kinda lost my focus last year, and perhaps even the year before, where the words I was churning out turned out to be soppy love songs lols… not that there’s anything wrong with soppy love songs, but it just took my attention away from my real first and true Love.  Today reminded me of why I had started song-writing in the first place…to sing a new song to Him.

New directions, new possibilities, new horizons… same amazing, wonderful, loving God.

♥ Ames


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