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work + study ain’t working…

Do you ever wonder about the choices that you’ve made and how a decision that seemed so right at the time doesn’t seem to produce the results that you had anticipated?  This was definitely not a life-changing or life-threatening kind of decision but I’m starting to wonder if I was rather ambitious to think that I would have the energy to sit down and write an essay following a full-day of interning.  The almost unbearable heat has been draining my energy as well…I really do salute those people who balance work and full-time study on a regular basis… it’s tough.  And I’m just complaining and procrastinating… *sigh*

I think writing has become kinda like ‘comfort food’ for my soul… sometimes when there is too much going on in my mind or if I’m trying to figure out what is the best way of phrasing something, writing it down either on the blog or my personal journal just clears up the clutter and helps me think clearly.  Once the ideas or thoughts are written down, then I’m able to turn my attention to things that actually need my attention i.e. my essay!! Well… that’s what I tell myself.

One of my parents gave me some very exciting news yesterday… said parent was able to save a phone number on their phone and also send a text message all by themselves while I was at work!! That’s a big milestone! :D Maybe I should stay away from home more often…who knows what they may be forced to learn ;). lols, just kidding :).  I love ’em.

Prayers for Northern Queensland tonight with Cyclone Yasi closing in…

♥ Ames

P.S. Happy Chinese New Year (in a few hours)!


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