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Happy Australia Day :)

Ahhhh… I remember this feeling!  It’s the feeling of having submitted an essay! Woohoooooo! lols, I’m actually, like seriously, a bit hypo right now XD.  Spent my ENTIRE Australia Day indoors, in front of my laptop, determined to pump out the remaining 800 words before the sun went down and THANK GOD, it’s done!

I did my little happy dance and grinned from ear to ear (I’m still grinning as I type right now) as I, of course, updated my Facebook status (ahehe) and finished organising the movie day I’d promised to take my cousins on before they head back to school… I’m actually looking forward to it which probably mean I’m still too much a kid at heart since the oldest is at least 4 years younger than me :P.  Oh well, I don’t mind.  I’ll just get to practise being the mother of teenagers for a day lols.  A few of my friends have told me how I ‘mother’ them a lot… it is a habit that I try to suppress but sometimes, it just happens.  I think it’s due to having a sibling with special needs… from the day he was diagnosed, I’ve always had to make sure he stays out of trouble, doesn’t hurt himself or others etc.  I used to hate it.  Especially the stares we’d get from strangers if the Bro was having a temper tantrum in the middle of a shopping centre… I guess that’s probably contributed to my party-pooper tendencies when my friends act out in public just for the fun of it…

Whoa, where’d that come from?  That’s mellowed me a bit.  Well, I’ve finished my dinner so I should probably do some stretches and neck rolls before I start planning for the next essay… *sigh*

Note to self: Don’t take a summer subject, no matter how enticing it is to do only have 3 subjects during the main semesters… you will regret it and feel deprived of your holidays!

Oh, I got a bit snap-happy when this arrived yesterday… (could have potentially been a ‘Like This’ moment)

My first KeepCup (hopefully this one will last… or I won’t lose it- they aren’t cheap)!  I don’t drink coffee or other hot drinks often but I do like the whole ‘being environmentally friendly’ concept and getting to design my own cup was kinda cool :D.

happiness in the form of a cup :)


happy chappy :D

I felt I was letting down my country (well, not really) by not going out and doing something ‘Australian’ today so I got my Dad to go out and buy me a pie for lunch…since meat pies are synonymous with being Australian…right?


Steak and Mushroom Pie from the local bakehouse


And my Australia Day was capped off with some pasta soup my Mummy made for me ^^:


pretty much just an excuse to post another photo ;)

What did everyone else eat on their Australia Day?  Hope all the Aussies reading this had a great day being patriotic and what not :).  This Aussie is going to go and start another essay… joy.


♥ April


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