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Technology can be so frustrating sometimes. One minute it works, one minute it doesn’t >.<. I’ve been struggling with my wireless router connection for the last hour or so to no avail… it is especially irritating because when our family friend was over this morning, it had worked fine after a few clicks! Grrrrr….

Something popped up recently that struck a nerve again…. how annoying when you think you’ve made peace with an issue, only for it to tempt you to take several steps backwards in progress. Sometimes I wonder if there are wounds that are so deep that it’s impossible to heal completely? Will there always be a scar that, if continually poked at enough, will eventually reopen buried disappointments? But I KNOW that I know that I know, that God can do miracles and heal the brokenhearted and I KNOW that I know that I know, that I’ve recovered a lot quicker than most people had or would have expected (except for maybe myself… I always thought I could spring back in no time!)…. but still, sometimes I catch myself absent-mindedly falling into old habits or old mindsets that I need to consciously shake off and then realign my mind and actions to focus on something productive and healthy. It’s then that I realise how helpless I am, how much I need to depend on God… perhaps the scar will always be there as a reminder that my ability to move forward does not flow out from my own mental capacities but from Him, His strength, His grace and His mercy alone.

♥ April

[addition] ‘Even [physical] scars disappear gradually, if not from the skin tissue, than at least from one’s direct attention.’ – BestFromBelgium


2 thoughts on “Scar

  1. Something that I’ve learned from one of the teachers a few months ago is about the process Daddy took to remove idols…
    In a sense it might be applicable to the “scar”

    In that when idols were removed from the Israelites they were first broken, then crushed, and then lastly burnt off
    so similarly, in our process what we held as an idol before, which even covers such things as our very “rights”, we may think we’ve overcome them by the breaking of the idol, but God still has got to go through this process of crushing it and burning it off to completely- exterminate it from our being and that process can be quite painful!

    But that’s exactly the conclusion you’ve arrived at, that we are to in all circumstances, no matter what, look to him and draw from him the Grace that He has so freely given to us! :)

    • Very true. I think there are different levels we have to go through to be completely free of a situation or an ‘idol’… I feel I’m almost there, but will continue looking to God’s grace while I make it through the last bit of the ‘desert’, and even afterwards when I’m enjoying the fruits of the ‘Promise Land’ :D


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