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‘Tis another rainy day in Melb, totally not the day to wear thongs (to Americans: flip-flops) but I’m always a bit too optimistic about the Melbourne weather hence I had this ‘swelching’ as I walked into uni today… not a good feeling! And I was given a rain-check (literally) to my catch up with Mr. ForgetMeChurro so here I am, finding a spare minute to blog whilst chomping down my box of salad that is full of too many carbs (I just couldn’t go past a bit of pasta salad!) that is going to leave me falling asleep at exactly 2:43pm this arvo.  The trains were massively delayed this morning and I was more than 30 mins late to purchase a book from the girl who’d sold me her other text via textbookexchange (definitely the place to go for second-hand texts that will save poor uni students heaps of $$$) and I made her late for work which left me feeling a bit guilty – Metro fail!


Positives about today?

PtL that Queensland flood situation has decreased in severity, though of course now begins the cleanup and counting the costs… apparently, Tasmania’s been hit with the floods now as has Western Victoria :S.  I just want my summer back!  Need to keep steadfast in prayer…

In other news, my $10 umbrella didn’t turn inside out against the ferocious wind this morning.  Even though I was late for my book exchange, it made me just in time for class!  I met my cousin randomly in the lift today!  I stayed awake during the whole first part of the morning without any caffeine (a big feat since I’ve been up since 4am!).  This salad is awesome!  And there’s only 3 hrs and 15 mins til home time :D.

‘Tis class soon again though, so I must bid the one or few people who read this new blog, TTFN!

And I said I wasn’t gonna blog on mundane life happenings… -_-

♥ April

[addition] P.S. Props to me for giving a coherent answer in class and getting pass the 2:43pm mark without nodding off!! AND, I see the sun! :D

AND double yay to the lecturer saying we can finish early today! Weeeheee!


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