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Back To School…

I always know exactly when I fall asleep during a lecture:

Art 22:L HR :right are the end

–       rights over dutiest

Art 28: social and international  order  and early thoughts abour’tstrong fulfilment coellectiviness

  • enjoyment of fulfiment of human life = ensure

Charter doesn’t give explanation for why more freedom’s give to certain groups

(slide 10)L many people

P PR Adopted and claim=end in 1948

Still aspirations

Oh boy.  *sigh*

♥ April

[addition]: Salmon Sushi Hand Roll from Sushi Sushi is now $2.50???? What a rip off!!


3 thoughts on “Back To School…

  1. ha – thanks for warning me about the sushi prices, have now resolved to always take lunch or snacks with me everywhere I go

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