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Jam-Packed Day w/out the Jam

Argh, the pending posts are piling up!  Given that my summer subject is starting next week, I’ve been cramming a lot in since the new year began.  Today turned out to be quite a jam-packed day.  Went on a morning walk with Dad and saw the most gorgeous sunflowers in the backyard of one of the houses in our neighbourhood.  Sadly, I didn’t have my phone or camera on me so you’ll just have to take my word for it ;). 

Then headed out to the city and waited for Miss Sunshine at Flinders St Station.

It was a really lovely day in Melbourne but it was even lovelier to see the smiling face of Miss Sunshine :).  Hadn’t seen her since she left for Africa, so it was great to catch up over a Boost on where each of us were in our lives and where we were headed this year :).  We watched Tangled (soooo good!) together, which I will review at some point, before I had to rush over to the Law School to meet with a member of staff about a student editorial position… I later found out that she’ll be one of my lecturers this year which was kinda cool :).  Picked up my Reading Guide:

The textbook I had order hadn’t come in yet so I went to the Library to get a copy of it and the lady was so nice to give me an option to extend the Overnight Loan :).  Next, went to have a late lunch with parents and two aunties in Richmond:

Mmmmm.  Review for ‘Co Do’ pending.  We parted ways with the aunties and since the bro was away on camp, the three of us decided to escape the heat and go watch ‘Unstoppable’ which came out today and Dad had been keen to watch ever since seeing a trailer for it at Tron (4 films in one week… must have broke some kind of record lols).  Review for ‘Unstoppable’ soon *sigh*.  I misread the session time so we had some time to kill = 2 jackets :D.  Also, discovered my love for cupro (or cupra) and was shocked to find out my mother didn’t know who Celine Dion was (hence, she didn’t recognise ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic!).  Didn’t really feel like eating much after the film so had a few pan-fried dumplings cooked with the special restaurant-trick of adding water in the process:

I might post up the method…. one day ;).  Tomorrow’s the day I’ve decided that I’m going to be a bit more disciplined… I think I’ve had my fun and now I’m ready and excited to get back into a good routine and start the study year :D.

Gym in the morning!  Good night audience of two ^^.

♥ April

P.S. I’ll be trying to keep these mundane kind of life posts to a minimum… this was just an excuse to post up photos and be lazy about writing up reviews :).


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