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#26. Despicable Me (2010)





Date watched: 4th January 2011 on DVD

Rating: 10/10!

Thoughts: I’ve been wanting to watch this even before it was released in cinemas :).  The humour of the  ‘It’s so fluffy’ line was kind of a let down since I’d watched it over and over in ads before watching the film all the way through.   However, having said that, Agnes’ overall cuteness won me over with her Unicorn song and ‘Goodbye, recorded message’ hehehe.  I thought the whole concept was quite endearing and glimpses into Dr. Gru’s childhood helped the audience understand how he came to be the villian who wanted to steal the moon.  I personally thought that it had the perfect balance of child-like fun and witty storyline.  And the minions!!  They were awesome :D.  I loved their gibberish language… you could sometimes here some French words and the occasional English one too…soooo cute!  I guess with an all-star cast including Steve Carrell, Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother’s Marshall), Russell Brand and Julie Andrews, Despicable Me was always going to be a success!  I’d watch it again….and again and again and again!  Definitely get the DVD and watch the behind-the-scenes clips (not to mention bonus short films!) because it amplifies the awesomeness of this movie even more :).

As a side note, I wanted my parents to watch it with me but after the first scene, they had lost interest (“What is this?  Some kid movie?”).  I hope I’m never too old to enjoy a good ol’animated feature film…

“Cure you, tiny toilet!”
*Disclaimer: All ratings are purely based on my own personal opinions.

love these guys ♥♥♥


♥ April


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