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NYD Feast

After coming back from a 3 -day camp where we were sooooooo well fed, nothing looked appetizing… and I literally mean NOTHING!  I had no appetite at all which rarely happens since I love food so much and it wasn’t the greatest timing since we were on the eve of a new year.  I picked at my NYE family dinner and internally swore off food for the next few days…HOWEVER, a visit to our family friend’s place on the 01/01/2011 changed all that :D.  The Mrs. of the house is one organised lady and had made most of the dishes whilst some others brought a dish to share as well hence, creating an amazing NYD menu:

I only had my iPhone handy but there were some dishes I just had to snap a photo of because it was so well presented(so please excuse the less than desirable image quality):


Burmese Spicy Egg and Chicken Noodles (wasn't on the menu)


Cucumber with Marinated Jelly Fish

One of my favourite appetizers was ‘Abundant Cup’ which the host had though up herself.  She used Wonton pastry to create the ‘Cups’ (cooked in the oven for X mins on ~180 degrees celcius until crisp) that she filled with a potato and corn salad mix and then placed cooked prawns in each of them, topped with sesame seeds.  Such a smart idea and tasted great!

Abundant Cup (Original)

But the winner for me that evening was the Hong Kong Style Salad:

Hong Kong Style Salad

From memory, it was a mixture of cubed cucumber, cooked potato and carrots, corn kernels, pineapple pieces tossed in whole-egg mayo and seasoned with salt to taste.  It was very light and just tasted divine :).  I went back for thirds and fourths hehehe. 

When I have my own place one day, I hope I can be as organised to put together such a splendid dinner party spread that even bloated uni students who attend will be enticed to try all the dishes ;).

Hope you enjoyed the New Year festivities and food !

 ♥ April


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