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#25. Tron Legacy (2010)

Date watched: 2nd January 2011 with Dad (in 3D)

Rating: 6/10

Thoughts: As Joseph Kosinski’s feature film directorial debut, I thought Tron Legacy was alright.  It wasn’t vital to have watched the prequel (whose director, Steven Lisberger, returned in this film as producer) and it had a good balance of action and drama.  The story was quite simple: creations turning against their creator and a hero comes to save the day… I couldn’t help but make some slight (very slight) comparisons with the Christian story lols.  The main theme was how we may aim for perfection but ultimately, we should appreciate what is right in front of us because one day it might be gone.  On a superficial note, I liked how everything lit up when you walked into a room and it made me want to watch and feel the warmth of a sunrise :).  It was also good to take Dad to his first 3D film :).  There were some scenes that were 2D but the special effects made up for it…. I thought it was quite a smart concept overall but generally, I don’t watch films twice unless they are really, really awesome…so probably won’t again, but I think it would be worth watching on DVD maybe…?

*Disclaimer: All ratings are purely based on my own amateur opinions.

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♥ April


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